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b_0_200_16777215_00___images_life_2015-09-07_1011_Izabelin_KPN.JPG   On September 7, 2015 we hosted at the headquarters of the Kampinos National Park Mr. Jacek Achtelik. Mr. Achtelik is involved in the project LIFE + "Hannoversche Moorgeest" (LIFE11 NAT / DE / 000344), whose main beneficiary is the Land of Lower Saxony.

   Mr. Achtelik presented the main lines of the "Hannoversche Moorgeest" project with particular emphasis on land acquisition methods – merging and exchange of land designed to obtain for the project a total of about 1 400 hectares of private land. Irrigation activities will be carried out on the land acquired in this way in order to restore ecologically healthy peat bogs. 26 people listened to Mr. Achtelik’s report, mostly employees of KPN.

   A visit of Mr. Achtelik in the KPN is the result of cooperation between the projects' “ActiveKPN” and “Hannoversche Moorgeest”, and our last year visit to Hanover and to the north of Hanover in the complex of raised bogs “Hannoversche Moorgeest”.


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