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On May 12th , 2014 the next report from the realization of the LIFE+ project “ActiveKPN” – Progress Report No 1 (PR1) was sent to the European Commission (EC)

This is, after the Inception Report and Mid-Term Report, the 3rd report submitted by us to the EC. It summarized the activities undertaken during the realization of the project between the 1st of January 2013 till the 12th of May 2014.

Below we give a short description of the activities implemented during the reporting period of the project.

Since the last report 33 notarial acts were signed certifying the purchase of 86.3 ha of land with 6 built up households. Since the beginning of the “ActiveKPN” project 173.5 ha of land and 18 built up households were bought. The equivalent of 4 766 049,73 € (91% of all the resources intended for this aim) were spent for the buying of land.

An integrated spatial information system – geoportal was created and activated in Kampinos National Park. The first renaturalization works began. In 2013 27.65 ha of land was mowed and the removing of shrubs was performed on 0.88 ha. Up to now 9 built up households were demolished and the area after them was cleaned up.

Till the present moment 4 947 940,81 € was spent on the realization of “ActiveKPN” which is 88.9% of the whole budget of the project.

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