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One of the goals of the "ActiveKPN” project is to control alien species on land purchased for the project. During one of the controls of the property purchased under the project in the village of Górki, the location of one of the most dangerous invasive species – japanese knotweed (Reynoutria japonica) was detected. On May 28th 2013, the first actions to eliminate it were taken. The location of the knotweed was excavated, and the plant’s stems and rhizomes removed. Unfortunately this species is highly difficult to control. We became convinced of this when knotweed shoots began to grow back intensively. However, we did not give up, and since May we have taken several steps to eliminate it. Currently the knotweed is still growing, however the regeneration is less intense than in the beginning. This gives us hope that, if not this year, in the ones to come we will win the fight against the japanese knotweed.


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