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On the 21st of February 2013 in the Gromada Hotel in Warsaw took place the “LIFE+ Information Day”, organized by NFOŚiGW (National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management). The idea of this meeting is to gather in one place all the LIFE+ program beneficiaries and representatives of institutions plan to apply for a LIFE+ grant. And thus, on one hand to propagate the program, and on the other to show that the obtaining of the European Commission’s funds is not only possible, but also not very difficult. During direct discussions between beneficiaries many technical questions related to the implementation and financial reporting of LIFE+ projects were commented.


Representatives of the "ActiveKPN" project and Kampinos National Park also took part in the LIFE+ Information Day. Our stand was very popular among the participants. Here they could not only find some information about the "ActiveKPN" project or Kampinos National Park, but also receive “ActiveKPN” information leaflets, as well as calendars issued by KNP. It was also possible to obtain copies of "Puszcza Kampinoska"- KNP’s quarterly magazine and "Łoszak" – the park’s quarterly magazine for children.

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